Jilted bride

So a woman (RoseMary Shell) is about to get married, and her fiancee (Wayne Gibbs) leaves her three days before the wedding.

It’s happened before, and it will probably happen again.

Unless someone hears about this story. Shell brought her would-be husband to court, and won $150,000 in a settlement.

That’s crazy.

And it sets a dangerous precedent. What happens the next time it occurs? Or when a woman becomes a runaway bride? How much would the husband receive?

In the two news stories I’ve seen, the jurors even seem surprised that they voted this way. It seems as if there must have been a couple of other jurors who gave good reasoning at the time, and that’s all it took.

One story said it would have been cheaper for the man if they got married, waited six weeks, and then got divorce.

Apparently, Shell left an $80,000 job to move in the Gibbs, but Gibbs paid off all her debts. Even for those who argue that she deserves some money for quiting her job, she doesn’t deserve two years worth!

I think it’s just ludicrous, but that might be the man in me speaking.

You can watch the news story by clicking the video below:


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