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Will the real David Lee Roth please stand up?

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t have a clue what David Lee Roth looks like anymore. I can only picture him in videos from the 80s, such as California Girls, Just a Gigalo and Jump with Van Halen.

That’s why I’m not too surprised when people in Oakland, Ontario (near Brantford) throught a guy recovering from a peanut attack was Roth. The man was driving erratically, and the Ontario Provincial Police pulled him over. They realized he was having an allergic reaction, and brought him to the hospital.

After he had recovered, the guy went to a bar with nurses and doctors, and even got on stage and sang a song with the band.

According to one story in the Hamilton Spectator (found here) “Dean Hajas, a local songwriter and record producer, says Roth is an old friend and stayed at his Oakland home for three weeks in May and June. Hajas says he met Roth while working in Los Angeles in 1993.”

Hajas now denies that Roth stayed there. Plus, another guy recorded music with the imposter, and now wants his tunes back.

Even though I couldn’t reconginze Roth now, there should have been a couple of clues that he wasn’t real:

1) Is David Lee Roth allergic to peanuts? Apparently not. He said in a statement that “the only thing I’m allergic to is criticism.”

2) Roth was performing in a concert the night he was pulled over in New York. Did not one resident in the town check out Roth’s web site while he was visiting, and notice that he was supposed to be in another country?

3) If you spend three weeks in a small town in Ontario to get away from it all (I’m assuming, why else would he be there?), would he not be dressed up as flashy as what he is on stage? Wayne Gretzky doesn’t try to get away from it all by wearing his hockey jersey, does he?


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