You knew it had to be coming.

Ray Emery couldn’t find one single place to play in the NHL, so now he’s apparently on his way over to Russia.

There are teams with no number one goalies. There are teams that have been the worst in the league for goals for years. There are teams who only have one signed goalie so far.

Yet no one would take a chance on Ray Emery and sign him to a contract. He’s only two years away from bringing the Sens to the finals.

Is it because of his lack of work ethic? Being late for practices?

I think it’s more for the type of goalie he is. Like it or not, he may not be a number one guy. How many times did you watch a game, and say “wow, if it wasn’t for Ray, we would have lost that game?” How many? Once? Twice?

Emery doesn’t steal games. He may not play bad enough to lose, but he doesn’t carry his team on his back.

That is why he’s without an NHL contract. The other reasons are just excuses.


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  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Did he realy bring the Sens to the finals or did the team make it to the finals? Probably it was the team. Would another goalie have been as or more effective? Probably. Maybe when Ray finds Ray he can meet up with his ability either in Russia, Sweeden or in the NHL.

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