Name change

What’s up with people wanting to change their names to something stupid?

Maybe it’s the Simpsons episode where Homer changes his name to Max Power (which he got from one of the settings on the hair dryer). But there are always stories about people wanting to change their name, or give their kids a bad name.

In 2005, Melissa Heuschkel from Conneticut put an auction up on eBay for someone to name her baby. bought the rights for $15,500, so now the kid has to go through life being named Imagine signing that on checks or tests.

A few years back, a Chinese couple tried to name their baby “@”. Not the name, but the symbol, like Prince used to have.

And there are plenty of stories of Chinese parents this year naming their baby Olympics because of the Games being held there this year.

A swedish couple wants to name their baby Metallica.

And there was an English couple who gave their child 23 middle names — all players from his favourite soccer team, Manchester United.

Now, the latest case, which you can read here, has to do with a guy in Mexico named Variable. He wants to change his name to “F— Censorship.” Although he would actually spell out the F-word.

Maybe normal names won’t do it anymore, but at least take names that won’t get your kids picked on at school.



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2 responses to “Name change

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    I still like Chesty LaRoue or Busty St.Claire, but will settle for Hootie McBoob.
    I don’t know why people think that they need have the shock value of a silly pop culture name or the name of a state. When will we see the first kid named Nunavut?

  2. these names crack me up! Some of the better ones I have come across in the last few months are Dack Janiels and Choppa Wood. I love it! If you’ve got the balls then go for it.
    PS: I would vote for Max Power!

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