Keep them or don’t sign them

I understand the no trade clause in the NHL is a powerful tool. It’s a way to entice players to sign with your team, and it’s a powerful bargaining chip for players who don’t want to be traded.

But it seems the rumour mill is now going crazy, and teams resign their players, and then possibly trade them before the clause kicks in.

First it was Jason Spezza of the Ottawa Senators (until general manager Bryan Murray stepped in to say it wasn’t true). Now it’s Dan Boyle of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Maybe it’s because of the Toronto Maple Leafs, or the inability of GMs to find a trade because players invoke their clauses, but I’m starting to get a little sick of hearing about no-trade clauses.

Make a new rule. If they have a no-trade clause, they’re stuck with it. The player can’t demand a trade, the GMs can trade them. Truly make it a no-trade clause.



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2 responses to “Keep them or don’t sign them

  1. I think in most cases, GM’s regret offering a no-trade clause about an hour after they complete a deal. They get all wrapped up in getting the player signed, and so they do this no-trade thing because in the moment, everything’s all warm and fuzzy. But it wears off quickly. I think it’s usually a big mistake. The only people it’s good for are the wives and kids.

  2. Graham

    I wonder about a conditional no-trade clause. For example: if you get 80 points each season for the duration of your contract and remain a plus player, then you can’t be traded. However, I believe we are seeing the death of the no trade clause because of all the problems it’s causing this year.

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