Ryder to where?

With the hockey offseason upon us, a lot of people are wondering about free agents.

The Montreal Canadiens are looking to sign most of their guys, plus maybe one or two more.

But they won’t be signing Michael Ryder, and that doesn’t make me happy.

Ryder’s my favourite player (a newfie on my favourite team, how could he not be?). I think he was playing well early on in the season, but just wasn’t getting the goals. So he started getting demoted, benched, and trade rumoured.
One of two things will probably happen to him now:
1) He signs with the wrong team, and never puts up numbers like what he once had and is out of the league in a few years, similar to what happened to Anson Carter a few years ago.
2) He signs with the right team, scores 40-50 goals for a while, and comes back to haunt Montreal when ever we play that team (like John Leclair). For some reason, I can see him going to the Boston Bruins, playing with Marc Savard, and doing this. The reason I think Boston is the right team is because of the coach, Claude Julien. Julien coached him in juniors, and was the coach of the Habs and brought him into the starting lineup. Ryder plays his best hockey under Julien, so a move there might be the best thing for Ryder, even if it’s for less money then he might make elsewhere.

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