Couldn’t she see this coming?

Imagine finding out there was a claim your austic daughter was being sexually abused, have a case worker come to your home, and find out the whole thing was because of something a psychic told an educational assistant, with no proof?

That’s what happened in Barrie last week. An educational assistant teacher goes to a psychic, and while there, the psychic tells her that one of her students, who has a name beginning with the letter V, is being sexually assaulted.

So the teacher tells the school about one of the students she teaches who matches the first letter, who tells the Children’s Aid Society, who then has to file a report. The student is an 11-year-old autistic child named Victoria. Her mom, Colleen Leduc, can’t believe she had a visit from the Children’s Aid Society based on a psychic.

Neither can I.

The mom even has proof that nothing happened. The school used to lose her daughter on several occassions, so Colleen had Victoria equipped with a GPS unit that also records all the audio around her.

The case worker called her a diligent mother, and called the report ridiculous. (For the full story, click here.)

I wonder if the psychic knew all the trouble she would cause when she started all this?


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One response to “Couldn’t she see this coming?

  1. Oh, wow.
    Take that, hard working mom who already has trouble making ends meet.
    Let’s bring up a topic that every parents fears at great lengths, because of a psychic.

    Well, money well spent on that GPS/audio recording piece, eh? Imagine if she hadn’t been able to afford that – what would have happened to her?

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