Not coach of the year?

So Guy Carbonneau, coach of the Montreal Canadiens, didn’t win coach of the year last night, but was he shafted?

I don’t think so.

The Habs, predicted by many, including myself, to miss the playoffs this year, ended up finishing first in the Eastern conference. Their powerplay, which was supposed to go downhill after Sheldon Souray left, stayed as the top powerplay. Alexei Kovalev, who was coming off one of his most disappointing seasons, ended up having one of his best.

But Bruce Boudreau of Washington won. And he deserved it. He took a team that was horrible, and started the season as a pretty lousy team. But he tooks over, and instilled a new system, showed confidence in his players, and they responded by making a push towards and into the playoffs.

To even be nominated is an honour. Some coaches, such as Claude Julien and Michel Therrien, weren’t on the shortlist of nominees.

Carbonneau did a great job this year. Hopefully, he can continue his winning ways next year.


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One response to “Not coach of the year?

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Agreed that Bruce Boudreau did do a fine job with the Caps, but to name him coach of the year, as a early season replacement may be a little too soon. It is much easier to come in fresh with a new message and have players listen. Carbo did what he did with the tam he has worked with over the last 3 years. He put in his time grew with the team and actually managed to get Kovalev to try more than 33% of the time. That in itself deserves some sort of reward.

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