47 stories is a far drop

So it seems a guy in New York has survived a 47-storey fall.

In December, Alcides Moreno was washing windows with his brother when the platform gave away and they fell 47 stories to the ground. The doctors were so worried about his injuries, they performed the first operation before they even got into the operating room.

According to this article, Dr. Herbert Pardes described Moreno’s condition as “a complete disaster.” It also states that the survival rate from a three-storey fall is only 50%, and he somehow survived a 47-storey fall.

“Both legs and his right arm and wrist were broken in several places. He had severe injuries to his chest, his abdomen and his spinal column. His brain was bleeding. Everything was bleeding, it seemed.

In those first critical hours, doctors pumped 24 units of donated blood into his body – about twice his entire blood volume.

It’s crazy this guy survived, but it does show that miracles can happen.


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2 responses to “47 stories is a far drop

  1. I can do that.
    I just don’t want to.

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