Drunk driving lesson

So some parents are upset because a San Diego school decided to teach its students about the dangers of drinking and driving.

The police went into a class, and said two of the students had died in a drinking and driving accident. The students weren’t told for two hours that it was a lie (you can view the ABC news video story here).

While the students interviewed said it will make them think twice, some parents think it went overboard.

I disagree with the parents. If it makes the students think, then it’s effective. Students are smarter, and having a skit or a mock accident won’t get to them anymore. But the next time one of them is drinking, they may think of how they felt this day before they drive home.

This sends a strong message. And that’s a good thing.



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2 responses to “Drunk driving lesson

  1. The sad truth is that we (the collective we) often need to be shocked to get the message across.
    Graphic and tragic commercials on tv aren’t getting through.
    What else is there to do?

    So many of us have stories about drunk driving incidents.
    My brother was hit by a drunk driver a few years ago. He was working for the pizza place in my hometown at the time, on his way back from his last delivery of the night.
    Next thing he knows, he sees sparks up ahead and is knocked out before he knows it.
    The driver in the oncoming car had been drinking; he smashed up on the side of the two vans in front of my brother, then, instead of swerving AWAY, he ended up hitting my brother head on.
    The drunk driver tried to get away, while my brother was trapped in his car, waiting for help.
    We are lucky, because while he was injured pretty badly and didn’t work for a few years, he’s still with us and didn’t end up in a wheelchair or anything.

    As for the news story: The parents that were the most upset; have they not dealt with anything like this before? Instead, they should be taking the time to sit down with their kids and ask them how that lie made them feel. Tell them that they should be grateful that it was just a lie, and that they should never forget how they felt while they thought it was true.

  2. Graham

    Yeah it may have got the lesson across now but now every student in that class has lost trust in authority. Maybe there was a couple of problem students in that class who didn’t deserve trust but what about all the rest who were made to feel miserable because of a lie. Tricking someone is not the way to go. Once you lose trust it is very hard to get back.

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