Free agency

When a free agent hits the hockey market, they’re usually scooped up right away.

Theme songs apparently aren’t much different. As I wrote about last week (read it here), the CBC wasn’t going to continue to pay the owner of the song for the rights to keep using it. They were in the middle of a multi-million dollar lawsuit over the rights to distribute the song for cell phones and what not.

So CTV bought the rights to the song for the next few years. They plan to use it for TSN on their double headers on Wednesday nights, RDS for the Montreal Canadiens games (and they broadcast all of them) and for the 2010 Olympics.

The CBC will now have a contest for everyday Canadians to come up with a new jingle, maybe something similar to American Idol.

But the song has been saved, and that should make the people who wanted it saved very happy, as well as the composer, Dolores Claman.



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2 responses to “Free agency

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Agreed that all that matters is that the song has been saved. Lets just hope they don’t abuse it. RDS shows every Habs game. If they are planning on it for every game that they show on TSN and RDS and Sportscenter and OTR and The Reporters so tey burn it out that isn’t much better. Less may be more.
    Thanks for the blogroll addition, i shall do the same.

  2. FRANK

    That hockey song was, is, and will remain very important to Canadians, becauce most of us, myself included, do not know the words to our own ‘national anthem’. Like most Canadians I do not speak French. Not a word. So to have a song in a language I do not speak makes it meaningless.

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