Hit and run

What’s worse? Being hit by a car, or laying there and having no one hit you?

That’s the situation being debated now in the States. A 78-year-old man, named Angel Arce Torres, was hit by a car in Hartford. The car sped off. The other pedestrians just sstood at around at watched. A police cruiser did show up, but it was for an unrelated call. 

Even if the bystanders didn’t know first aid, they still could have tried to comfort him. Imagine the pain Torres was in, and then the mental anguish as he looked up and realizing no one really cared to help him.

Below is an ABC news story on the incident. Watch as people stare at him. If you watch the whole camera video (you can find it on Youtube as well), watch the guy on the moped circle around him to get a good look before taking off. It’s pretty sad.


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