No shaved heads at work?

So Stacey Fearnall, a woman in Owen Sound, decided to raise money for cancer. She participaed in the Cops for Cancer fundraiser because her dad died of cancer, and a friend and cousin have been diagnosed with it.

So she raised $2,700 for the cause, and shaved her head in the process.

When she went back to work as a waitress at Nathaniels, her boss told her to go home. She wasn’t allowed to be at work with a shaved head, unless she wore a wig.

In an interview with the Owen Sound Times (found here), the owners said they weren’t pleased with what she did.

“Our staff is expected to come dressed appropriately and we did not feel that this was appropriate, but that’s not the biggest issue. We told her how we felt before (she shaved her head),” said Jeff Ferris, who along with Dan Hilliard opened the downtown restaurant five and half years ago.

“She could have done a multitude of different things to support her cause that wouldn’t have affected her work, but she chose to do it in a way that we told her was inappropriate for our business.”

I’m sorry? Raising thousands of dollars for cancer research is inappropriate for your business? That’s the type of work you should support, not condemn.

But all is not lost. The community is rallying around her. She’s getting job offers from other restaurants (an update on the story can be found here).

I wonder what would happen if an employee got cancer and lost their hair because of chemo? Would they tell them not to bother to come to work either?

This whole story is a disgrace, and the owners should be ashamed.


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One response to “No shaved heads at work?

  1. I was pretty blown away when I read that article yesterday, too.
    It’s one thing to make a ‘mistake’ like that. But going on about how “inappropriate” it was to the press? Maybe they need to hire someone to handle PR for them, because they obviously don’t think before they speak.
    Did they really think that calling her new “look” inappropriate would do their business any good?

    Ah well. I’m glad to hear she’s getting offers from other places.

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