Hockey theme song gone?

So apparently, the CBC may be ditching the Hockey Night in Canada theme song. It’s pretty famous for any Canadian, and some Americans, who grew up watching hockey. The theme song has been around since 1968, when it was written by Dolores Claman, so many people know it by heart.

Will there be a big kerfuffle? Probably. I can see people complaining about the end of an icon, an institution, our heritage and anything else they think might get a reaction.

But in reality, it’s just a theme song. Times change. Hockey will still be popular. People will still watch their shows.

I can’t even tell you the last time I heard the song, to be honest. Because most playoff games started around 8:15, I didn’t even flip on the CBC until then. On Saturday nights, I remember hearing the Nickelback song Saturday Night more than the CBC theme song.

I notice a lot of people have been bringing up the cost associated with keeping the theme song. They keep saying it’s about $500 each time they used it, but that was in the past. No word on how much it would cost the CBC for the next few years.

Unless the public can save it, I think it will be a dead issue by September. In three years time, most people will know the new theme by heart, and forget there was an old one.

But for those who want to hear it one last time, just click on the video below.



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4 responses to “Hockey theme song gone?

  1. Graham

    Quick! Hum the TSN hockey theme song. You can’t because they don’t have one. And they’ve tried for years. Remember Bryan Adams? I’ve just tried to think of any other theme song from any other sport and the only one that comes to mind is FOX football. My point is any other theme song they come up with is going to be garbage in comparison, no matter what. It may be gone this coming year but will be back next year at probably 3 times the cost. Just like a few years ago when they weren’t gonna renew Cherry’s contract. Yeah, the viewers will not stand for it. The song is ingrained in our brains, and in our ring tones, and on our MP3 players. So much free branding for HNIC and they are throwing it away. Bad move by the CBC

  2. Cheryl Brink

    That will be a sad day … no question.
    But I don’t think it’ll happen – they’ll keep the song at whatever the cost. Hockey Night in Canada is almost as Canadian as hockey itself. CBC wouldn’t be the same without that theme.

  3. Teresa Laird

    Does anyone know what a reasonable price would be? What do other sports play for their theme songs … wrestling, NFL, NBA … I can’t seem to find anything on it?

  4. Steve Ossamus

    Go to or read the McLeans’ article about the hockey night in Canada theme song. It pretty much documents how unreasonable the CBC was in negotiating and how good of a deal they’d been getting all along. This had nothing to do with greed by Claman and everything to do with the CBC being cheap and attempting to lowball an old lady they thought would buckle to their pressure tactics.

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