Sundin to Montreal?

There’s been a rumour that Toronto Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin may be on his to Montreal.

Not sure how accurate the report is, considering the Habs can’t talk to him until he becomes a free agent on July 1, so Sundin may have no interest in going to Montreal. Plus, the media and fans are the same as Toronto, so Sundin may want to be like Scott Niedermayer and decide to go to a team where he won’t be recognized once he leaves the arena.

But Sundin in Montreal would be a good fit. It would give Montreal a good first-line centre, and allow Saku Koivu to move down to either the second line, or have one of the two be a winger. Sundin has always played with a lot of heart, and could be that extra push they need when it comes to the playoffs.

Would I be heartbroken if Montreal didn’t get him? Of course not. Montreal has done the past few years by drafting smart and building around youth. If they did sign Sundin, they would need to make sure it’s not at the expense of their younger players.

Sundin has played great on a bad team for years. How might he do with some good teammates for once?



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3 responses to “Sundin to Montreal?

  1. blair

    I think he wants to play on a team that actually has a chance of winning the Cup though, like, hmmm, I don’t know, let’s say a team like Ottawa.

  2. Mats Sundin would be a great fit in Montreal. A little old, but a great fit anyway.

  3. The reason Mr. Sundine did not want an end of season trade to a contender was because he did not want the added pressure of having to be the great saviour or fall guy to a teams fortunes. Well, sir, the longer you let this little game go on, that very same pressure will be waiting for you if and when you do decide to grace any organization with your presence.Drop the load or get off the pot!!

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