Weekend to end breast cancer

This weekend, thousands of people will gather to raise money to help fight breast cancer. People who have raised at least $2,000 can walk 60 km for charity. People who participate say it’s an emotional walk.

One walker a couple of years ago told me that a child had picked flowers and was handing them out to the walkers with a simple “thank you” as they went by his house.

It’s a great event, and deserves our support.

Unfortunately, the organizers make it difficult. They don’t release the route ahead of time, so friends and family can’t go to a certain spot to cheer the walkers on. I’m sure it would be a great motivation if, in the middle of 60 kms, they see family cheering and supporting, and then a couple of kilometres later, they see some friends along the route.

What would be the harm in releasing the route ahead of time?



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4 responses to “Weekend to end breast cancer

  1. Stephanie v

    This will be my third time walking in the Ottawa WEBC (Weekend to End Breast Cancer). The organizers pre-organize cheering stations where large groups of people can wait and cheer people on as they pass. There are 4-5 locations each day at appropriate points throughout the walk. The route is not published in advance to allow for last minute changes due to construction, watermain breaks, etc. as we walk on sidewalks only – no roads are closed and police are not used.

    Houses along the route are given pink ribbons in advance to tie on trees, balconies, etc to show support.

    Together we can beat breast cancer!

  2. newfcollins

    See, that’s what I find strange. I called the media relations people for this weekend, to see if the walk will go through any of our coverage areas. And so far, she hasn’t been able to tell me where the walk is heading. And she certainly didn’t tell me about cheering stations.

    If they hand out ribbons though, I’m guessing in advance, then there should be some sort of map.

    Anyways, great to see you’re doing this. It’s a great event for a great cause.

  3. Shelley

    One of the reasons is to avoid having hundreds of walkers training in the area of the walk and disrupting the communities days or weeks in advance. Another reason is that the route must be flexible in the event that constrution, accidents, or other types of emergency cause a last minute change.

  4. I did the walk last year. They did release about a half dozen different places that were official cheering stations about a week (I think?) before the weekend. This way we could tell friends and family where they could go to cheer us on 🙂 On the days of the walk it’s very obvious where the route is (just try to hide over 2000 people walking!). I know the friends and family that came to cheer me on had no problem finding places to go!

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