Time travel troubles

Okay, so Lost is now experimenting with time travel. It’s been rumoured for months now, and hinted at, but this is the first time the show actually mentions it.

While some people may love the idea, I think this will be the start of the downfall of the show. Once you have time travel, nothing matters anymore.

For example, Jin was left on the exploding boat in the season finale. So he should be dead. But with time travel, someone can now go back in time and pluck him off the boat before it explodes. So all of a sudden, anything that happens can be changed. Heck, maybe they can go back and find a way to keep the airplane from taking off in Australia in the first place. Isn’t that pretty much what is going to happen now on the show? Jack and the others go back on time to the island to save the people that are there? Next season will be them getting back to the island (with flashbacks about what happened on the island after the left), and the final season will be everyone back on the island dealing with everything and trying to be rescued again.

The other problem with time travel happens when you start thinking about it logically. Say you know someone who gets hit by a car while crossing the road and is killed. You’re upset about it, and spend the next 10 years building a time machine. You go back in time to a couple of seconds before the car hits your friend and save his life. So he never gets in that accident. If he’s not in the accident, you don’t spend the next 10 years of your life building a time machine. So if you don’t build the time machine, who goes back to save your friend?

I still love Lost. I think it’s a great show. But I think it’s gone 180 degrees around from the first season, and I haven’t decided yet if that is a good thing.

A few last thoughts on the show last night:

  • Sawyer jumping out of the helicopter was pretty obvious. He’s the only one who was on the chopper that wouldn’t be one of the Oceanic 6, and Jack had said earlier this season that Sawyer made his choice to stay on the island.
  • Michael is pretty much dead, and won’t be coming back. That became common sense when Jack’s dad appeared, and told him the island was done with him, and he could stop now (direct quote: You can go now). Remember, he couldn’t be killed until the island was done with him, and that’s what happened here.
  • Now that the show is set in 2008, it’s good that Walt can participate again. They never explained his special powers and why so many birds seemed to crash into windows when he was around.
  • It’ll be interesting to see if past characters make an appearance as one of Hurley’s visions.
  • Does Desmond still see if the future, and if so, will he keep saving Penny’s life from Ben like he did with Charlie? And does Desmond also have to go back to the island?

Things I’m still waiting to have answered:

  • What is so special about Claire’s baby, Aaron? The ESP guy in Australia said he had to be on the plane, and that only Claire could raise him. If he has superpowers of some type, that would explain how he survived the helicopter crash in the season finale.
  • What is up with the black smoke?
  • What type of officer was Sayid? He always seems to lose his fights and/or gets caught in traps.
  • What happened to the second boatload of people that never made it to the freighter?
  • And why was Libby in the same hospital as Hurley before they got on the island?


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5 responses to “Time travel troubles

  1. thegirlfromtheghetto

    Sayad was a communications officer for Iraq.

    The people on the second boat, I beleive, make it back to the island.

    Libby was crazy, like Hurley. Did you catch the enhanced Part 1 version where they said 11 people originally survived the crash? They named Libby. She’s coming back before the show is over.

    Last night’s show rocked, didn’t it? I really believe that John is alive, and is, once again, being manipulated by Ben. You can check out my ideas on my own blog about last night’s show is you are interested.

    The Girl From The Ghetto

  2. Cheryl

    I think your theory on Michael is right on. And I hope Desmond can see the future, if it means saving Penny from Ben’s plans for revenge …

  3. Graham

    Someone didn’t see enough star trek time travel episodes lol. Don’t worry about that, not like they have any control over time travel. We’re talking about a rabbit moving a half a millisecond through time. This isn’t Marty Mcfly entering a date into doc’s De Lorean. And I don’t think the island moved through time, it just changed location.

    I am still very curious about the numbers, and what role Jacks dad and Claire are playing, and who the Natives really are, and how Dharma found the island, and, and, and…..Aargh!

    And, to add one more, how everyone survived 3 years on the island, we saw them for 3 months worth.

    When does the next season start again??

  4. If you really like time travel, come aboard my Timeship. THX

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