Fire the teacher

My wife is a teacher. I understand the pressures they go through. Sometimes they are a babysitter to 30 kids, other times they are seen as a villian who just don’t understand. But most teachers give it their all, and deserve to be thanked.

That’s why what a teacher did in Florida is horrible, and she deserves to fired.

Student Alex Barton, who is being tested for autism, was sent to the principal’s office. When he returned, the teacher, Wendy Portillo, made him stand in front of the class. The other 16 students then had to give reasons why they don’t like Alex.

Then, in a crazy scene from Survivor, the class voted 14-2 to kick Alex out.

By the way, Alex is five years old, and is in kindergarten (you can read the full story here).

That is disgusting. What type of power trip was this woman on that she decided to play real-life Survivor.

Alex doesn’t want to go back to school, and who can blame him.

Hopefully, the school board there wises up and gets rid of the teacher. I wouldn’t want my kids to be taught by her, and hopefully, no one else would.

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One response to “Fire the teacher

  1. Maybe this teacher should get her head checked, because she obviously doesn’t have a clue about kids.
    This little guy has been traumatized for life; I wouldn’t doubt that the other kids will be affected by this at some point, too. Even if it’s not right away, they will likely remember it and feel terrible down the road once they realize what they did to this kid.

    You’re right though; MOST other teachers out there deserve more than a pat on the back. They’re there, every day, dealing with kids at their best and at their worst.

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