Passenger wins marijuana

Imagine you went on a vacation somewhere, opened your suitcase and found 142 grams of pot in your suitcase. You’d probably be worried that a) it’s part of some police sting operation, or b) you’ve somehow got yourself mixed up with the wrong crowd and would be nervous they’re coming after you.

Well, something like that is probably happening, because a Japan airport official planted the cannibis in a suitcase, and forgot where it was when their drug-finding dog didn’t find the drugs (story can be found here).

I’d be worried about calling the police if I was in a foreign country, because I’d be worried what type of legal system they have there. In Japan, where the drug was planted, you can go to jail for having even a little bit of pot on you. So I’d be wary of calling the cops.

Imagine trying to explain that airport officials planted all that marijuana on you!


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One response to “Passenger wins marijuana

  1. Katie

    Wow… Could they not have added their own suitcase to the rotation, rather than sticking it in some randomly selected person’s? That would traumatize me and make me not want to travel again if I found out that officials stuff drugs into my bag when it was in their care, and then had a dog sniff it out.
    Again, if they were trying to test the dogs, then they should have put together their OWN suitcase, so a.) it wouldn’t get LOST and b.) it wouldn’t get LOST.

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