Garage sale etiquette

Just got back from the Great Glebe Garage Sale. I didn’t buy anything this year, because I was only looking for a rolodex instead of books, DVDs, games, etc.

But I did notice a lack of etiquette when I was there. Thousands of people go there, so here are a few rules for next time:

1) Don’t bring your dog. It might be great to bring Fido on a walk, but he gets in the way, and the leash is easy to trip on.

2) Don’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk to gab. Move off to the side so people can get around you.

3) If you’re selling, have a listing of how much it costs. Don’t say “Make me an offer.” I ask because I want to know what your starting point is.

4) The city should really offer parking at Lansdowne Park for free. It would help keep the congestion off the roads of people trying to find free parking spaces.


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