Baseball lawsuit

A kid is playing baseball. He is pitching. The hitter hits the ball, the line drive comes back to the pitcher and hits him in the chest. The pitcher’s heart stops beating, and his brain doesn’t get oxygen for 15-20 minutes. He suffers brain damage.

This is a true story. It happened to 12-year-old Steven Domalewski two years ago. It’s a tragedy, no doubt about it.

Now, though, the parents are suing Little League baseball, and the maufacturer of the bat, for, well… making the bat, as well as the store that sold it.

I’m surprised they’re not suing the people who made the ball as well.

Isn’t this a big load on nonsense? I can understand the family is upset. And I could understand the lawsuit if the equipment was faulty. But the bat did what it was designed to do: hit the ball.

I know America is lawsuit-happy, but this is getting silly. The lawyers are contending the aluminum bat isn’t suitable for children’s games. But people get hit with line drives using wooden bats all the time as well.

I once gave my brother a concussion when I hit a pitch, and the ball hit him in the head.

I’m just glad he didn’t decide to take me to court.

(You can read the full story about the lawsuit here)



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2 responses to “Baseball lawsuit

  1. Katie

    A sad story in two ways, indeed.
    Tragic for the family, and sad they feel they need to place the blame everywhere else.
    And I feel bad for the other poor kid who hit the ball.

    Unfortunately, it’s just one of those extremely rare cases where a common game goes horribly wrong.

    Instead of taking everyone to court, maybe they could use their experience to talk to kids and coaches about safety; reminding players that accidents happen, so they have to be as prepared as humanly possible.

  2. jrpanther

    While I too am tired of frivolous law suits, there appears to be some open issues that little league baseball needs to look at to help protect the youth of our society playing the game.

    Steve Kallas’ blog has a few articles on the subject but this one
    sums it up best.

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