Go Russia!

So Canada lost the gold medal in the World Hockey championships today. Sad to say, I was actually cheering for the Russians.

I guess that’s what happens when NHL players participate in events like this. I watched the game this afternoon, and because I have certain NHL alliances, it’s hard to go against that. My favourite team is Montreal. Andrei Markov was the only Habs player on either team, so I was cheering for him.

The team I hate the most is Ottawa. Canada had both Spezza and Heatley, so it was tough to cheer for them.

I like watching players like Ovechkin and Kovalchuk, but I don’t know much about guys like Shane Doan, Brent Burns and I don’t like Cam Ward or Chris Kunitz.

It’s the same reason I don’t care when the NHL players are in the Olympics. It’s more like an All-Star game than anything else.



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3 responses to “Go Russia!

  1. Graham

    I guess that’s what happens when Montreal doesn’t have any players good enough to make the team 😉 But seriously, loyalty to a business entity built for making profits over your country? With your country at least you get a vote in how things are done. Did Carboneau ever call you asking who they should move at the deadline?

  2. newfcollins

    Carbonneau didn’t, but neither did Hitchcock (coach of the Canadian team). I know it’s sad, but it doesn’t seem like a big national thing when NHL players are involved.

  3. Graham

    I find that if it’s not the best players involved, the competition means less. You need to have NHLers to legitimize the title of world champion. And even this tournament is not totally legit with our best players still in the playoffs. Still, very surprised that you identify more with being a fan of Markov than being a Canadian citizen. I’d better not see any communist literature on my front step! What happens in 2010? Heatley is going to be on that team and very likely no habitants…..

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