Elvis should stay away

Former Olympian Elvis Stojko is in the news for saying he encourages Canadian athletes to consider boycotting the Olympics this year (see story here).

He says he would have considered it if he was still competing.

I say hogwash. For many of the Olympians, this will be their only chance to make it. If Elvis only had one chance to compete in the Olympics, he probably wouldn’t have turned down the opportunity.

I understand he wants to make a point about human rights in Beijing this year. But maybe, just maybe, he could find something of his own to sacrifice, instead of asking others to give up on their dreams.



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2 responses to “Elvis should stay away

  1. So athletics trump democracy? I would boycott but I can see both sides of the issue. I’m not 100 % supportive of Canadians or anybody competing in the Olympics this year in Beijing.

  2. insanefishy

    Where is Elvis Stojko now? Got lost in his unpopular boycotting Beijing Olympics campaign? Well, stay lost with you dumb idea, Elvis. Face it, you don’t know much about the world. Stay away. Just hide in your own little pittyful world. We don’t want to hear from you.

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