Woman charged after teen commits suicide

I originally wanted to have my last post before the weekend be something funny or humorous, but I read this story and felt I had to comment on it.

It seems as if the States is ready to start charging people with using the Internet to bully people. This is happening after a 49-year-old woman was charged after she allegedly created a fake Myspace account, started an online relationship with a 13-year-old neighbourhood girl, and then somehow convinced the girl to commit suicide.

“Prosecutors say Lori Drew and others created the fake MySpace persona of a 16-year-old boy to woo neighbor Megan Meier for several weeks, then abruptly ended the relationship and said the world would be better off without her.

“Meier’s 2006 suicide by hanging, just hours after she read those final messages, made worldwide headlines and prompted calls for social networking sites like MySpace to crack down on cyber-bullying.”

Read the full story here.

People can be so cruel. You would think a 49-year-old adult would know better. I’m actually at a loss for words. I can understand if you say something mean when you’re angry, but this was something the adult did for weeks. Shouldn’t she have felt guilty at some point during the act? And what does this teach her daughter about morals?

Some people just have no sense.


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