Too rough?

Nothing too serious heading into the long weekend, but here is an odd story that made me laugh.

“A Canadian man who asked his lover to carve a heart-shaped symbol on his chest during a rough sex game almost died when she accidentally pressed too hard and punctured his heart, a newspaper said on Thursday.”  Read story here.



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3 responses to “Too rough?

  1. Heather Domereckyj

    How’s this for effed up: George Smitherman (our wonderful Liberal Minister of Health) just announced that gender re-assignment surgery will now be covered under OHIP. Where’s my boob job Mr. Smitherman?!

  2. Katie

    Oh. Wow.
    That actually left me a bit speechless.

  3. Cathy

    that seems a little crazy. If she actually did puncture his heart (which I doubt she did) she had to have been pressing pretty darn hard. Our heart is protected behind the ribs and the sternum for a reason. She would had to go through several layers of cutaneous tissue/fat, then muscle, then some ligaments, then some plura, then the heart.

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