Stupidest season of Survivor

I finally managed to get caught up on this season of Survivor. Going into tonight’s season finale, I just have one thought:

Man, these people are the stupidest people that have been on Survivor yet.

For those who havent watched, it’s fans versus favourites. Ten fans went up against 10 former Survivor contestants.

The stupidity started off in the beginning when the fans started booting off strong players because of a stupid alpha male issue. Then, they kept saving the weaker players, like Chet, who all voluntarily left the game anayways. Then, there were four consecutive weeks of players being blindsided and not knowing what was going on. The final o newas when a player, Erik, who knew he was the next to go, gave up his immunity. He was then voted out by everyone in the tribe.

I’m sure even Jeff Probst, who has seen a lot of stupidity throughout the 16 seasons on the show, is saying, “Man, you guys are dumb.”

Maybe they should start doing IQ  tests before joining the show.

The worst is Natalie. This girl is so cocky, but she hasn’t done much. It was Cirie’s idea to get Erik to give up his immunity. It was Parvati’s idea to blindside Ozzy. Natalie acts like she’s the strongest players, but is pretty much useless.

Thankfully, the season ends tonight. It will be nice to watch it again when there are smart people on the show.


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  1. Jen

    I was unfortunate to catch the last episode last night and host Jeff Probst did call quite a few of them dumb, especially Eric for giving up his immunity necklace. But for the few episodes I flipped upon, while channel surfing during commercials to another show I was watching, I managed to see most of the crazy injuries!

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