A jersey is just an article of clothing

There’s been a couple of instances in the past few weeks where people have gone way too overboard when it comes to having a sports jersey.

The first has to do with David Beckham. After a soccer game in Hawaii, Beckham threw his jersey into the crowd. Two boys claim it’s theirs. Now it’s up to the courts to see who should get it. The first boy’s defence is, he grabbed the jersey first, so it’s his. The second kid’s defence is he held his sign up the entire game, so therefore the jersey belongs to him. Somehow, I don’t think the second kid has much of a case. (Read the story here).

The second story has to do with a kid who got a Green Bay Packers jersey for Christmas a few years back. He’s a big fan of the QB, Brett Farve, who’s name was on the jersey. So he obviously wore it that Christmas day. And then, in a streak that rivals Farve’s most consecutive games started record, the kid wore it for 1,580 straight days after that.

At least no one is fighting him for it.


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One response to “A jersey is just an article of clothing

  1. Graham

    If the LA Galaxy had any brains they would send a signed second Jersey to these kids so each could have one and thus get this silly case out of the court system.

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