Austrian man gets it wrong

Most people by now know the story of Josef Fritzl. He’s the guy who kidnapped his daughter and kept her locked up for 24 years. He then fathered seven children with her.

It turns out he may have had a record of sexual abuse, but no knew about it. Austrian law states that a record is wiped clean after 15 years. The AFP said there are reports that suggest he was convicted in the 60s, with the record wiped clean in the 70s. When his daughter disappeared in the 80s, there was no record, so the police had no real reason to question him. There was also no record when he adopted the kids he fathered with her.

Austrian lawmakers are looking to change this.

My colleague wrote about Fritzl in her blog a week or so ago (you can read her post here). She wrote “I cannot believe how messed up this guy is to think that this was an okay thing to do … for 24 freakin’ years.”

Fritzl, though, doesn’t think it’s as bad as people are making it out to be. His secret was discovered when he had to take one of the kids he fathered with his daughter to the hospital. It was reported by the AFP that “Fritzl, 73, claimed credit for having saved the life of his daughter and added: ‘I could have killed them all. Then there would have been no trace. No-one would have found me out.’ ” (Read the full story here.)

This shows this guy is more insane than anyone originally thought. It’s like he believes he’s a hero of some type for saving a life.

What about the life of his daughter he destroyed by keeping her locked up for so many years? What about the life of his wife, who went through life wondering where her daughter was? What about the lives of his other family members, who have now been thrust into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons?

This guy hasn’t saved any lives, but he’s ruined plenty.


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