A tale of two sports

When it comes to sports, you have two types of people: winners, and poor sports.

For a poor sport, one need not look any further than Ivonne Hernandez. She is a New York Yankees fan. She went to a bar in New Hampshire, which cheers for the Boston Red Sox. After an argument, she went outside, and alledgely tried to scare the Red Sox fans by pretending to run them over. Hernandez is now charged with reckless second-degree murder. Twenty-nine year old Matthew Beaudoin was killed when a car hit him. (You can read the full story here)

Instead of taking the rival humour in good fun, this situation got out of control, and led to a death. Definitely a poor sport.

A good sport happened in a U.S. university softball game a few years ago. Sara Tucholsky hit the first home run of her career. As she ran the bases, she realized she missed first base, and had to turn back to touch it. When she turned, she tore her ACL. She dragged herself back to first, but obviously couldn’t complete her home run trot. The umpires ruled if a new player was subsituted, it would only be a single and not a home run. Her teammates and coaches weren’t allowed to help either. With that, Mallory Holtman, who was playing for the opposing team, suggested they carry her. They were allowed, so Holtman and a teammate carried Tucholsky around the diamond.

This is a good sport. Hopefully most people would be like the second story, instead of the first one.




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2 responses to “A tale of two sports

  1. Jamie

    They were all over the softball story on ESPN last week.

    Kinda makes you feel good to know that there are still people who “get it” when it comes to sports.

  2. Awww. The second story gave me a nice, warm and fuzzy feeling.

    Good sports are the jam.

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