Go back to Mexico

Do Canadians set a double standard when it comes to the law?

Sadly, the answer is yes.

The latest example of proof is in the whole Brenda Martin case. She was in a Mexican jail, found guilty of Internet fraud. She was sentenced to five years in prison.

She has maintained her innocence, as most people in jail are likely to do. The Canadian government, under pressure by some of the Canadian media, worked to get her transferred to a Canadian jail.

Now, in the few days since arriving back to Canada, authorities are working to release her on parole.

Glad to see we respect Mexico’s justice system.

I know, I know. She was in prison for two years before having a trial. Like that’s never happened in Canada. But she did have a trial, and was found guilty. According to my math, that means she should still have three years left to serve.

What’s sad is that so many Canadians seem okay with all of this. If the roles were reversed, we’d be up in arms. If we sent a Mexican found guilty in the Canadian courts back to his home country, only to see him freed immediately, it would probably spark a huge outcry and a federal election.

I certainly wouldn’t be happy if I was one of the Mexican authorities who okayed the transferred. This situation probably won’t help much in the future if there’s another poor soul we need to save from a Mexican prison.

But now that we set a precident, maybe we can get more prisoners sent here and released on parole. Maybe there are people convicted of murder and rape in the jail we can save next. I’m sure they maintain they are innocent as well. Why isn’t the government helping them?



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3 responses to “Go back to Mexico

  1. I’d never really thought about it that way, Tom.

    I am glad to see her back in Canada, and not stuck in prison in Mexico.

    I think what I’d like to hear the most is what proof they had against her. Releasing her would make more sense if they could prove she was wrongly imprisoned in the first place, would it not?

    Nonetheless, it’s a sad case overall. My heart definitely goes out to her and her family, especially if everything we have heard is true.

  2. Steven Yves

    We deport people all the time, silly man. And there’s a jail in Kingston built just for those who have been not found guilty of anything but are being held indefinitely anyway….

  3. Melissa

    I completely agree with what you have stated. This has been my view point as well when I have been discussing this case.

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