Montreal’s play in the second round

You know something, if Montreal were to lose Saturday the way they’ve played the last three games I wouldn’t be upset.

Montreal has outhit, outshot and outchanced Philly in the last three games (one could argue outplayed, but depends on your perspective). The players are trying their all, and Philly are getting a couple of bounces (rebound off the crossbar, blocked shot right to Briere for an empty net in Game 4). I’m not saying Philly is playing bad either, because they’re also playing well, and Biron has been fantastic. He’s clearly been the best player on either team, and has outplayed Montreal’s goalies.

But if Montreal loses this series, I don’t think they have anything to hang their heads about. Especially after watching the way the Sens folded in the first round, I like the fact this team doesn’t give up. They get down in the scoreboard, and they come back. They keep shooting. They keep getting quality chances.

This is also a young team. I still believe they can come back and win the series, but if they don’t, it’s a good learning experience. It shows just how much harder they have to work.

Look at Pittsburgh last year. They got dominated in the first round by the Sens, but used it as a learning experience for this year.

If the Habs come back and win, great. But if they lose, they have nothing to feel ashamed about.


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One response to “Montreal’s play in the second round

  1. Reid Collins

    Maybe the Habs will be lucky golfers?

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