Game 4 preview

Game 4 of the Habs-Philly game is tonight.

Big game tonight for both teams. The Flyers are leading the series 2-1. A win by them puts them up 3-1. But they were up 3-1 last series, and needed to win in overtime in Game 7 to pull off that series. So a Habs loss doesn’t mean the end of the world.

Montreal can take solace in the fact they have dominated the last two games. They are taking more shots, having more scoring chances and most of the play is in the Philly end. If they can learn to not hit the post so much (three in the first period of the last game alone) and grab an early lead, then it will open up the ice more as Philly would try to tie it up. A more open game benefits Montreal.

Without a doubt, Price will be in nets tonight. He’s the number one goalie, Halak hasn’t started a game for weeks, and Price needs to learn to get himself out of playoff troubles. He’s the goalie of the future. He won’t learn by sitting on the bench.

If Montreal can win convincingly tonight, that would do a lot for their confidence, and hurt the confidence of their opponents.

Even with a loss tonight, Montreal should feel confident they can pull off this series.



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3 responses to “Game 4 preview

  1. Blair

    I think the word you are looking for is desperate.

  2. Preach on, brother Tom.
    I’m with you on this – until you say that a loss tonight doesn’t mean it’s over.
    I think Montreal needs to win tonight. Very important game for Price. Given fickle montrel fans, if he has another bad game he’ll have even more pressure on him. Perhaps too much for a guy his age.
    Prediction for tonight: 3-1
    Prediction for the series: 4-2 Montreal; I’m not usually an optimist but I think Philadelphia’s gotta be getting tired…their legs are older than Montreal’s and like Ottawa…are going to start taking too many penalties. If Montreal can open it up and keep the game fast and get traffic in front of the Philadelphia net and stay out of Price’s way,
    it’s theirs.
    Mon dit tabberwit.

  3. I hope the Candiens team that played in the month of March shows up tonight or it’s going to be real tough to come back against a hot goaltender like Biron.

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