I’m as much as a Habs fan as the next guy, but what is up with the people in Montreal rioting because the Canadiens won a first round series?

While I believe there wouldn’t have been a riot if Montreal won in five games (mainly because there was extra tension in a Game 7 atmosphere), it looks really bad on the city.

The people who burned cop cars obviously made plans ahead of time to do some rioting and looting long before the game began. Who goes to a game armed with the ingrediants needed to set cars on fire?

It’s a disgrace, plain and simple.


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One response to “Riots

  1. I agree. While it’s one thing to flood the streets with cheering people, it’s another to break and burn things. I feel bad for the store owners who were targeted, and the police cars that really took the brunt of a lot of it.
    Again — get out in the streets in the team colours and scream your heart out with joy. That’s fine! Damaging and stealing, just because your team won?
    Well that just makes me sad to hear.

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