Ottawa city council

I’m tired of listening to them. I’m tired of them debating the same stuff over and over. Nothing new ever happens with city council, it’s just the same thing repeated.

Take transit. They spent years studying light rail. They decided to approve light rail. They they reversed their decision. Then they decided to possibly bring it back, but voted not to. Now they’re studying it again.

It’s a horrible circle. Maybe the only way to get things done in city hall is to debate it three times before it’s approved.

All I know is I’m tired of it.



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4 responses to “Ottawa city council

  1. Don’t forget how it takes tax dollars to ‘study’ it each time!

    There is probably more of a chance of them inventing teleporters than there is of them coming up with a working system (in any area, not just transit) on the first try.

  2. shawn

    No vision, no long term plan, no short term plan, no nothing.

    They should have sold the light rail better the first time (though I felt it was good enough as it was) to emphasize it was part of a greater whole. You have too much infighting amongst areas and not enough vision from those who are doing the voting.

    I kinda wish we had block voting (errr… a party system), for city council.

    At least we’d go somewhere.

  3. FRANK

    Time for you to run!

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