National anthems

One of the best traditions come playoff time is when a national anthem singer hears the crowd singing along, and stops singing and lets the crowd take over. The best is in Vancouver and Edmonton. Ottawa does it well too, but is sometimes hard to hear on the TV over the music blaring.

I’d like to see a new playoff tradition begin. The singer comes out, says “O” and lets the crowd take it from there. In fact, all arenas should do this.

The regular season is different, because there are contest winners, little kids, and local celebrities who take turns singing. But the playoffs are a different time.

By switching it to the crowd singing for the playoffs (although the professional singer should still do the American national anthem since it’s from a different country, and not everyone might know it), it gets the crowd more into the game and in a celebratory mood. Plus, if there’s a crowd who does it horribly, they would get made fun off across the country for not knowing the anthem.

It would also be interesting to see how they do it across the country. French in Montreal, bilingual here, English out west.

It would be a lot better than this guy, who sang O Canada to O Christmas Tree before a CFL game years ago (happens about halfway into the anthem).


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2 responses to “National anthems

  1. Cathy

    wow. that was brutal. If that ever happen to the american anthem I am sure Bush would have the person proclaimed a terrorsit and they would be held in jail for 5 years without a trial. I am surprised the crowd even clapped when he was done. It would have been awesome if after he was done the crowd started to sing it correctly.

  2. Cathy

    Oh, Tom (mr. editor) please don’t say anything about my spelling mistakes 🙂

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