Apologies to the Sens

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the Ottawa Senators. I may have said some things in the past that seemed mean and hurtful, but I would like to set the record straight.

First off, I would like to apologize for calling them a one-line team. Obviously, that was a mistake, as they didn’t even have that one line.

I would also like to apologize for saying the team has no depth and that rest of the team can’t score if the top line doesn’t. Obviously, five goals in four games is more than enough scoring to win a playoff series, provided your goalie plays perfectly.

I am sorry for believing in karma. When you fire your general manager after going to the Cup finals because he didn’t trade for the right players, that had to be the right move for your team. Just because the only trade deadline deal the new GM did was to bring in a guy who played a total of five minutes in Game 3 of the playoffs, and seven minutes in Game 4, shouldn’t reflect poorly on said GM. Obviously, the new GM couldn’t find a willing trade partner at the trade deadline who was willing to trade a top player away.

I am sorry for panning a trade that brought in Commodore and Stillman. Having no goals, two assists and a minus 9 in 26 regular season games for Commodore really showed his strengths, as did scoring three goals and being a minus eight in 24 games did for Stillman. Of course, they were brought in for their playoff prowess. Those two did lead the Sens in playoff points with two points each, which is no easy feat considering how much talent this team has. Never mind that Stillman was a minus four, and Commodore made several defensive gaffes, they still led the team in scoring.

I have said countless time that most of your players (not all, but most) have no heart. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Taking 13 shots in the first two periods of an elimination Game 4 shows lots of heart. Not digging down deep to do the dirty work was all heart. Backing into the playoff by having other teams lose is pure guts.

I am truly apologetic that I defended the Penguins when so many people got angry when they thought Pittsburgh tanked their final regular season game so they could play Ottawa in the first round. Obviously, that plan was foolish and should never have been attempted.

Most of all, I would also like to apologize for saying the Penguins would win the series in six games. That was very, very wrong of me.



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8 responses to “Apologies to the Sens

  1. Cheryl

    So, so, SO sad … yet so, so true.

  2. I certainly hope this was a year of lessons for the franchise.
    In regards to the Pens being rumoured to take a dive in order to play the Sens… Well, I can’t say I blame them, if that was the case.

    Nonetheless, my Sens jersey is going to remain on display at home, and in the meantime…

    Go Habs!

  3. Blair

    Where to start . . .

    First off, they are not a one-line team. they have one superstar line a great checking line, a so-so second line and a good fourth line. Using my addition skills that adds up to at least three, not zero — the reason the Sens did not perform well was because of injuries.
    And yes, injuries do matter.
    If you have a top line with Ovechkin, Crosby and Tom Collins and both Ovechkin and Crosby go down with injuries, forcing you to send in a Cheryl and a Dan — chances are that line won’t be very good.
    Secondly, the Sens did not earn bad karma by firing Muckler last summer — it was necessary to keep Murray.
    Thirdly, the trade for Commodore and Stillman was a brilliant move — praised as a win-win move by media and fans alike.
    You have said time and time again that most of the Sens have no heart — I think meant to refer to the Habs, who time and time again lose to the Ottawa Senators (unless half our team is out with injuries).
    The Habs were nicely rested this year as they relaxed by the pool last summer, you know, when the Sens were in the Stanley Cup final.

    I am truly apologetic for attacking the Penguins who tanked their final regular season game to play a decimated Ottawa Sens squad.
    Obviously by beating up on the Sens this proves the Penguins are headed for playoff glory led by those great playoff performers Marian Hossa and Evgeni Malkin — sterling examples of intestinal fortitude that they are.

    Most of all, I would also like to apologize for saying the Habs will make it to the Stanley Cup. That was very, very wrong of me.
    The playoffs are a very new experience for most of the players — it’s been so long since they played in the post-season.
    Some of them are probably wishing they were out playing golf.

  4. newfcollins

    For Blair,
    If they have a great checking line, where were they in the playoffs? I don’t remember any of the top two Penguin lines being stopped, and I don’t remember a lot of checks.
    If they have one great superstar line, why didn’t they perform in the playoffs? One of them was injured, so if the other two are so great, shouldn’t they have been able to continue their greatness?
    Injuries do matter. And your example is perfect. Crosby was injured. So was Fleury. So was Roberts. So you had the best player in the game, the team’s number one goalie, and their heart and soul guy, and what did they do? They continued to win. Players stepped up (Malkin, Sykora, Conklin, etc.). Who stepped up for the Sens?
    In terms of the trade, I think the numbers and stats speak for themselves. It was not a good trade.
    As for the Habs comments, I won’t respond, because this post isn’t about them.
    But I do guess the Sens are doing a good job of proving last year was an anomoly, and are back doing what they are best at: choking in the playoffs.

  5. G Money

    I’m glad you believe in karma, it certainly reared it’s ugly head tonight! Ole, ole, ole 😉

  6. shawn

    I still know more about Hockey than you do.

    Didn’t I beat you by like, 100 points in our hockey pool?

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