Teed off over golf

This past weekend, the popularity of golf came to the forefront.

At least twice, TSN delayed the start of NHL playoff games to show Masters coverage. Normally, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But the fact they did it in the first two rounds, and it was the NHL playoffs, boggles the mind.

I’m not a golf fan. I never have been. I’m sick of hearing about Tiger Woods. Sportsnet on the weekend showed two different batches of Masters highlights, one of all Tiger Woods, and another on the rest of the field. I’ve never seen a sport where there was so much coverage was of one guy.

To me, a real sport is one where an athlete can have control over what his opposition does. In hockey, the goalie can stop someone from scoring. In football, a defender can intercept a pass or sack the quarterback. In baseball, an outfielder can catch the ball or the pitcher dominate with his selection of pitches.

But golf? It’s akin to watching bowling, rowing or figure skating. There’s no direct competition. There’s nothing to prevent your opponent to playing well. That takes almost all strategy out of the game (face it, deciding whether to use a 6 or 7 iron is not the same as whether a team should blitz or play a zone defence).

Golf? Please. Give me a real sport with real competition anytime.


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One response to “Teed off over golf

  1. shawn

    I originally had an argument about how many individual sports and how they indeed have greater competition and strategy than any team based sport, but then I thought…

    All this coming from the guy who likes wrestling…

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