Thanks to a reader named John, there’s another great site that helps out children. Like that I wrote about a couple of days ago, he mentions

This site works the same way — you guess the right answer to definitions. For every one you get right, you donate a quarter of a cent to World Vision Canada. Every $60 raised will give a child under the age of 5 enough nutrition for two months.

Every little bit helps. And it’s another great way to help out without ever leaving your computer, so it doesn’t require much on your part.



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  1. ba

  2. Raj

    Hey, I saw that you’re writing about, which is a great way to give online! I just wanted to let you about a new site called Avanoo (, that lets bloggers raise funds and awareness for causes that we care about by simply putting a badge on our blog pages – each time someone clicks on a badge $1 goes to the charity of your choice. Let’s get people excited about this new way of giving… which we can do even while we sleep!


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