Problem with Gas?

Brent Butt announced recently that Corner Gas is coming to an end after next season.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to feel sad or not. I became a fan of the show in the first season (at the same time of the NHL lockout). I watched it all the time. It was funny. My wife bought me the DVDs for Christmas.

Same with Season 2, although I wasn’t into it as much.

Season 3 was more of the same.

By Season 4, I had pretty much stopped watching. And I don’t know why. I don’t think I’m alone either. I know quite a few people who used to be fans of the show that don’t watch anymore.

The show still amuses me, but it’s almost like I outgrew the plot of Corner Gas. It’s similar to not keeping up with your high school friends, and then realizing five years later that you don’t see them anymore.

For Corner Gas, except for Season 1, the characters are static. They never change, they never grow, and really, nothing ever happens to them. In Season 1, Brent and Lacey looked to become a couple. It was teased all season long. The characters were moving in a direction. The Season finished with them almost having their first kiss.

At the beginning of Season 2, it was as if nothing happened. The characters weren’t together, they didn’t have the chemistry anymore, and it was all written off. Very disappointing.

Corner Gas will be missed. I’m just not sure by who.



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3 responses to “Problem with Gas?

  1. Cat

    I watch CG every morning at 7 pm while drinking my fruit smoothie…though I don’t watch the new ones anymore on Monday evenings, I enjoy the reruns in the mornings. It’s a great way to wake up in the morning! So there. One person will miss CG. One.

  2. newfcollins

    How do you watch TV every morning at 7 p.m.? I thought 7 p.m. was at night?

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