How to win a hockey pool

By this point, those of us interested have already done or signed up for a hockey pool. Here are some tips on how to win:

1) Figure out your final four teams, and pick from them. If two of them make it to the final four, you have a good shot.

2) Be flexible. If you have Montreal, Pittsburgh, Detroit and San Jose (the top 4 teams this year), and you don’t choose a Pittsburgh player by round six, be willing to switch teams. At that point in the draft, it will be difficult to get many good Pittsburgh players, so you may be better off going with an underdog.

3) Choose an underdog. There are usually upsets, and one team can get hot and go far (ie- Tampa, Calgary, Edmonton and Carolina when they went to the Cup finals). None of those teams were the favourites, but all went to the finals. If you choose them and they do well, it’s also gloating time for picking a major upset no one else saw coming.

4) Choose players you like. It’s a lot easier to root for them than other players.

5) Listen to your wife. Mine won three hockey pools in a row, and does better when she doesn’t listen to me. I’m turning to her for advice this year.

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