Sens vs Pens preview

While most have been writing off the Sens to win the playoff series against the Penguins, there are some stats that show Ottawa has a chance.

For example, Ottawa won the season series. They won three of four games, losing the other one in a shootout.

Here’s how each game played out:

Game 1: Nov. 23, Pittsburgh wins 6-5 in a shootout. Fleury let in two goals on the first four shots in the game before being pulled. Alfredsson had three assists. Spezza has two goals, Heatley had one. McGratton played 1 minute, 36 seconds.

Game 2: Dec. 13, Ottawa wins 4-1. Spezza had two goals, Heatley had the other two. McGratton played 11 seconds.

Game 3: Feb. 23, Ottawa wins 4-3 in overtime. Ottawa was down 3-0 in the second period before coming back. Heatley had two goals, Alfredsson scored in overtime with four seconds left. McGratton had 44 seconds of ice time.

Game 4: March 1, Ottawa wins 5-4. Alfie scores two goals, Heatley gets another. McGratton doesn’t play.

What do we learn? Besides the fact McGratton barely takes the ice, this team goes by the top line of Alfie, Spezza and Heatley. Not including shootout goals, those three had 13 of 18 against the Pens. And Alfie is supposed to be injured for this series.

Also interesting to note: Crosby had one assist in the first game, none in the second and missed the last two games due to injuries.

Can the rest of the Sens players step it up? Can Heatley and Spezza carry the whole team? Can Pittsburgh (who also lost in five games to the Sens last spring) find a way to win four games?

Time will tell.



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3 responses to “Sens vs Pens preview

  1. Steve J

    Sens in 6 providing Sens defence grows a pair and goaltending can deliver.

    Hossa’s a consistent playoff non-performer, Pittsburgh defence is lackluster, Roberts is back but he’s old, and for all the hype, Crosby hasn’t proven he can perform in the playoffs and who knows how good his ankle is. If Malkin and Staal can be shut down, Sens have good chance as Sens remaining offence should still be able to get around Hal Gill and slow Penguinds d. Much as I’d rather see Habs in finals, if Sens can rally around Pens throwing their final game to play them and get through a round without Fisher and Alfredsson, they could be a real threat the rest of the way through. Except their goaltending sucks.
    And you spelled McGrattan wrong.
    -A fellow habs fan.

  2. newfcollins

    It’s hard to remember the name of the guy who plays 11 seconds of ice time. It’s not like I’m a journalist or anything.

  3. I couldn’t even guess as to what will happen with the above-mentioned teams. I am pretty excited to find out!
    Alfie’s injury was so disappointing. Though Bell’s hit was called legal, it doesn’t mean it didn’t break my heart.

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