It’s just a game

I like competition as much as the next guy, probably even more. But some guys just take it too far.

I used to think softball was the most competitive thing I’ve ever seen. Some teams will stack themselves with the minimum amount of girls so the ladies don’t have to bat/play the field as much. The guys think it gives them an advantage. To me, that’s just sad.

But I think my ball hockey leagues have reached the pinnacle of over-competitiveness. One of my leagues is a co-ed fun league, where you call your own fouls. Some guys just can’t take having a foul called against them, and then play even more aggressive to try and prove a point (not sure what that point is though).

In my men’s league last night, one of the guys on my team was kicked out of the game for starting fights. We were playing for sixth place, not the Stanley Cup championships. The refs had no choice but to kick him out.

In that league, there are some guys who just argue over every penalty call and berate the refs every chance they get. I wonder how much fun they’re having if they’re spending the game yelling and arguing.

The players act as if you called them a bad player by calling a penalty/foul on them. It’s almost as if they think “There’s no way they could call a foul on me, I’m too good. I wouldn’t put my team in that bad a position.”

It’s ball hockey. Like any sport, there’s going to be fouls. It’s unavoidable. Learn to live with it.

It’s just a game.


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