I’m not sure how others react, but I cringe every time I hear a story of a soldier dying. It may be because I have some very small connection to it, but it makes very worried.

At first, it happened to be because one of my best friend’s husbands was serving overseas. Every time I heard a story about a soldier’s death, I had to check to see if it was him. Luckily, he made it home okay.

Then, a couple of months ago, I reconnected with a school friend, thanks to Facebook. We were in school together from primary school all the way up to high school. I asked him what he was up to nowadays. He’s with Canada’s military, and was about to depart for another tour in Afghanistan.

I wake up this morning, check out the news, and hear another soldier has been killed. I immediately worry it’s him, but it’s not. 

What these soldiers go through is incredible. What their families must go through boggles the mind. All these people (soldiers and their families) are a special breed of people.

They all deserve our prayers, support and thanks.


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