Congratulations to the Ottawa Senators, who defeated a non-playoff team 8-2 yesterday. The Sens, who hadn’t scored in their last two games, both against playoff teams, really showed what they were made of last night.

Ottawa could do really well next year if they are somehow able to schedule all of their games against non-playoff teams. They may even be able to clinch a playoff spot before April.

The most interesting note is that the captain, Alfreddson, was injured at the end of the first period with a clean bodycheck. He is now expected to miss quite a bit of time. So far this year, the Sens are 2-9 when Alfie isn’t in the lineup.

I still think this is a ploy, and he will play in the first round if the Sens make it to the playoffs. Usually, coaches don’t inform the media how serious an injury is, except to say it’s a lower- or upper-body injury. Why would Murray do that now? Maybe to lull a first-round opponent into a false sense of security?


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6 responses to “Congrats!

  1. Cat

    It’s amazing … you almost sound like a Leafs fan, you’re so insecure about the Sens. 🙂

  2. Shawn

    Oh Tom, Gloria and I are so disappointed in you about crossing the line and mocking an injured player. Shame. Put your head down in shame.

  3. Err, where’s your post about the Habs beating the Marlies (barely)?

  4. newfcollins

    It’s coming! I’m in Toronto, and not much access to the computer. It’ll come in my playoff preview, if i have one (I’ll also mention that Montreal actually defeats playoff bound teams, like Boston)

  5. When are you home? If you have free Toronto time, give me a call at 416.432.4070…

  6. newfcollins

    Hey Steve,
    Just got back from Toronto. We were spending time with my wife’s family. Arrived late Friday, left early this morning.

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