The best of both worlds


Census Canada released showed there are more mixed-race couples in Canada than ever. In fact, the number is up 33% since 2001. 


As someone who is in a mixed marriage, I think it’s a great thing. My wife is Chinese. I am a white Newfie. It’s the best of both worlds. I learn about her culture, and she learns about mine. For the past few years, I have celebrated Chinese New Year, which I think is one of the top two holidays of the year (along with Christmas).  


Our wedding was a mix of both cultures as well. We had a Chinese tea ceremony, sticky buns for appetizers and wore traditional Chinese outfits. We also got married in a church, had the ceremony in a ballroom and had the traditional wedding gown and tuxes. 


Interestingly, the Census report says Chinese are among the least likely to be involved in a mixed marriage. I’m just glad my wife doesn’t belong to that group.



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3 responses to “The best of both worlds

  1. Shawn

    Hi Tom,
    You have to remember that your best friends (Shawn and Gloria) got married before you, and they too are a mixed couple – I think you’re just following the trend of your friends!

    Regardless, mixed couples have the best looking kids. Or at least, here’s to hoping.

    Oh, and, I’m still winning in the pool. How’d that happen? I mean really, I don’t even watch hockey and I still beat you.

  2. Cathy

    Don’t show this to Gordon, he might call off the wedding so not to upset his “people”. So if Chinese are the least likely, what culture are the most likely to be involved in a mixed race relationship?

  3. Robert Sawlivich

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