My first post: Habs rule and Sens suck!

Once again, the Habs showed last night why they are a team that will be difficult to defeat in the playoffs, and the Senators showed why they will struggle.

With Montreal missing a number of key players, including two regular d-men and their captain, the rest of the players stepped up. Three different lines scored in a 3-0 win. This shows they have a lot of depth, which will be hard to beat in the playoffs. You stop one line, and another one steps up to help up.

The Sens, though, have proven the opposite. They have long been a one-line team, and when Spezza, Heatley and Alfreddson aren’t going, neither is the rest of the team. They have been shut out the last two games (the second time this season they have been shutout in back to back games), but there is no one to step up to help out. Their second line centre had only scored in two games out of the past 29. That’s not going to get it done.

If Ottawa wants to salvage the season, it’s time the pressure was put on all the players, not just the top line and the goaltenders.


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4 responses to “My first post: Habs rule and Sens suck!

  1. Dear Tommy: Shut up, jerk.

  2. newfcollins

    Don’t you cheer for the Leafs?


  3. Nah, I just used to say that to get on people’s nerves.

  4. newfcollins

    Really? I remember you having a Leafs jersey and everything. You even wore it one day at the Sun when we worked there.

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